Bandits Insane leader

The Bandits were nicely tied up.  That is never a bad beginning to a day.

The decision was made that since they were alive, it is best to interrogate them separately.  To that end Bandit leader was taken away by the Monk and Cleric while Mages and fighter went over the bandits minions.

At first everybody was tough, but the ice was quickly broken, literarily, along with a bandit shoulder.   After lots of screaming, cut short by fighter “love pat” to a bandits head, the rest of the Bandits started to talk.  They didn’t have much to say, other than threats, but they did reveal that the leader of a bandits is a crazy axe wielding women.
During the interrogation it was discovered that 5.2 beautiful Elven mage apparently is not very intimidating even when she is wielding a dagger right next to someone throat.

In the mean time the leader almost broke free, and would have if he didn’t mysteriously fainted.  A small cut was found on his ropes, cut which didn’t come from any weapon that was found.  What mysterious force did this is unresolved to this day, and likely never will.  However after properly rebounding the leader, and few smacks in the face the Bandit awoke.  He, like his minions, didn’t have much to say… at first.  But the party found rather persuasive tool, in a form of justice done to the rest of the Bandits.  Justice of a short rope and a long fall.

The death of his companions shook the leader, especially after he was informed that he was next.  Cleric, in his compassion, allowed the Bandit to confess which he did.  Once he started to talk nothing short of death was going to stop him.  He spoke of that aforementioned crazy women, whom apparently he hated, and that she isn’t the overall leader that there is another.   He didn’t want to do what he did but was bullied to do so.  The party believed him, and just before he was left dangling the Elven mage came to his rescue.  She asked the rest to show mercy and give the leader a second chance.
The leader not believing his good fortunate repented, and with gratitude accepted his second chance on life, and promise (sincerely) that he will never fall into such situation again.    Soon after the ranger left running away from fort, likely never to be seen again.

With the information taken from the Bandits the party learned of the location of their camp.  After good meal, and some rations to go, the party set out to kill the crazy axe lady.

The first day into wildness was uneventful, just cold, with only the constant complaining by the human mage to break the monotony.  At the end of the day a camp was set expertly by the Monk and a Ranger (although at first Monk wanted to set the camp on an Ant hill).

The second day found the party at the thorn river, place where the camp was known to be present.  Therefore more caution was taken, and exploration was done with great care.  Unfortunately except for a fog and some drizzle nothing else was found.

Third day finally the party discovered the location of the camp, not wanting to just charge they decided to camp for the night while Dwarf creeps closer to evaluate.  The night almost passed uneventfully when a light like a torch was spotted coming closer to the camp.  When Elf was awaken she quickly identified the eerie light as a Will-o-wisp a deadly creature who loves fear.  Knowing that the creature was well beyond the ability of the party to fight, she awoke the rest of the adventurers and bid them to hide.  The human mage, once again proving his inability to follow direction, failed to hide… but did succeed in soiling his pants with fear of the magical creature.
Fortunately a quick action by the fighter (and his fists) put the Wizard to sleep averting the pending disaster.

In the mean time Dwarven Monk scouted the camp, discovering that there were number of Bandits therein, as well as their leader…the crazy lady.

Next day plans were made, which involved splitting the group into 2 main fronts.  One which will quietly take on the guards using sleep spell, and another which would do the same to the other guards.  This plan was put into motion the next morning to ensure the greatest level of advantage to be had.
Group one consisting of Monk and the Elven Mage succeeded in their mission.  Group two, decided to change the plans and that screaming charge was better.

The battle started, during which the Elven Mage discovered she is not a front line fighter by almost dying at the hands of the Bandits.  The Human mage once again proved that he is indeed a sniper, the Dwarven Mage put his fists inside a Bandits chests..twice, the Human Fighter learned that twin axes do indeed hurt, and the Cleric proved that his god is with him, when he almost cleaved the Leader in twain. While throughout the whole battle the Trident wielding fighter proven he just can’t roll.

The loot was gathered, and one of the bandits interrogated.  This bandits knew a bit more about the mysterious leader behind the leader.  Apparently he calls himself a “Stag Lord” and is an Alcoholic who can crash bones with his bare hands, as well as shoot a bow without missing.  The location of this leader wasn’t discovered fully, just hints, along with one more piece of information: That his leader may not be the real leader, but rather a mysterious and dangerous human with a beard locked in a dungeon is the real power behind the throne.

And so it ended, and it was left for another day to discover what will happen next…

The First Adventure

It all started, like it often does, in a Tavern with Alcohol.

Adventurers from around the world came into the lands for little more than a writ with a promise that if one can bring back the lost lands, one can become a King (or a Queen).  With youth, alcohol, and promise of wealth the tavern was filled with rowdy patrons.   For a while things went well, Patrons ate, drunk, in a corner a Human Wizard and a Elven one exchanged knowledge, but soon enough that changed.

First a pompous warrior challenged a Dwarf to an arm wrestle, an even fight until the mages (to stroke their own egos) helped the Dwarf to win.  Strangely enough the warrior was gracious in defeat, after uttering self promoting nonsense he left, defeat but a winner in his own mind.

Alas the peace was not to last, for soon enough a drunken patron jealous that a Human would sit with a beautiful Elven girl (probably imagining that somehow he had a chance if he could prove just how “strong” he was), raised his fist to the Mage.  Grubbing him by the throat the drunkard  punched the poor man repeatedly.  This angered one of the other patrons, a fellow with twin tridens, who decided (probably due to his drunken state) to throw the  aforementioned  triden into the melee.  Missing wildly, the triden hit yet another patron, which ensured a brawl.

Fist were raised, weapons unsheathed and spells cast, ending the brawling with the Adventurers victorious (and Human mage bloodied).  It all would calm quickly, if not for the arrival of the Law in a form of a constable with no sense of humor.  Threats of death penalty were brought forth, prompting the Adventurers to hasten their retreat out of town and into the lost lands.

Those who were involved in the Tavern Brawl decided to stick together, and leave early the next day.  Among them was a Dwarven Monk, a Human Cleric (or a Paladin his profession left unclear), a strange looking Human ( a land loving Merfolk?), yet another Human with propensity for swords, a Human Mage who seems well suited for a court, and a mysterious elven mage.
Not even a day into the travel the party was assaulted by a strange group of Bandits leader of whom was a nasty tempered Wear Boar.

A fight ensured, with a mage proving to be adept with a crossbow.  Before long Bandits died, leaving behind some gold, and a peculiar looking silver amulet depicting a Stag skull.  This seemed to point that the bandits weren’t just some ruffians, but rather organized group which has troubled these lands for a while now.  Questions still linger if for profit, or for some bizarre religious practices, did the bandits robbed and killed.

Shortly after the night the party arrived at the long  abandoned keep occupied by a Husband and Wife pair.  It didn’t take long for the pair to tell of their troubles.  It appeared that bandits would frequent the outpost, stealing supplies, and their livelihood.
After some food and baths, the party decided to take action in the morning.
Plans were laid out, and when Bandits showed up those plans were put in the motion.
Alas no plan survives encounter with the enemy, and sure enough the Bandits noticed the ambush.  Fortunately for the Adventurers, a quick action by the monk who punched the leader of the Bandits into submission, and an Elven mage who put the rest to sleep the bandits were subdued and tied.

And so the day starts with tied bandits and questions.
What does the amulet signifies? What is the purpose of the Bandits? What is their role in the Lost Lands?
Those questions will be answered, even at the cost of the Bandits hides.

Bron Ceropen

Bron with wrong color hair

Bron with wrong color hair

Elves do not bully, Elves are always kind to each other, Elves are in harmony with nature and each other, so even their enemy say… Bron remembers it differently.   Born as Princess, at least on paper, to an unusual family of Elves for she has a elder Sister, and two brother.  Such bounty of kids is almost unique within Elven society.  Her mother and father both love her, and so do her siblings.  Muharah, her elder sister, especially is close with Bron.  A perfect life, if one was only reading stories.
Unfortunately life rarely follows stories.  Bron, in human eyes, is an unusually beautiful Elf.  That speaks volumes since most, if not all Elves, are beautiful by Human standards.  She lacks the normal Elf sharp cheeks, her ears are almost rounded, her eyes an unusual color of blue, her hair silky almost white in color.  At 5.2 she is much shorter than standard Elf, and at 90lb pettit even by her race standards.  Yet those futures were the roots of her problems.  For she looks Half-Elven and not one of pure blood!
Elves do not bully, so the stories go, but stories never speak of such like Bron.  All the other Elves treated her as outcast almost from her birth, for not only does she have futures of a Half-Elf but also temperament.  She is curious, impatient, rash, human traits certainly not of the “people”.
Rumors of her father’s indiscretions followed her throughout her life.  Even though she was magically tested, and found to be of pure blood, most through insults rather than praise regardless of her exceptional grasp of magic for her age.

Before long, at barely 40 years, a child by Elven standards.  Bron had enough of her homeland.  She took her Scroll, which serves as her people’s spell book, bade a teary fare the well to her sister and parents and set out to find the one thing she desired since she was born…Power.

No power for sake of control, nor even power for sake of power, rather power for sake of revenge.  She will prove that despite all that was said she is in fact a better Elf than all those who bullied her, who made fun of her.

Bron is a contradiction, vindictive, stubborn, petty, arrogant, and often cruel, yet she is loving to those who get pass her shell.  Even her dress shows the complex personality that is within.  To a casual observer she looks like a spoil Noble, her Dress cut from very nice fabric , and in a latest court fashion.  But upon closer inspection it is easy to see that it is strategically cut to ensure complete freedom of movement.

She studied hard before she left the woods, learned about Human history, lands, and religion (even though she herself refused to follow any person, nor any god), yet she knows little about proper Human behaviour.  She sees all races but Elven as little better than Slaves.  To short lived to be bothered with.. and yet secretly it is with those races that she hopes to find home and understanding.

Nothing short of death will stop her from achieving the one goal she has in mind: To become an Arch Mage.  She will return to her lands, embrace her sister, and show those who bullied her that it is them, and not her who is of lesser blood.  She will be the greatest mage her kind her seen in a long time, she will stop at nothing, short of hurting her friends, to obtain what she desires.